Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Rachael Smith told me blogging was easy.

I will try poetry for my first blog. It won't rhyme and I might consider this sentence to be the start of the poem.

Having said that, here is the start of the poem:

Today Didn't Start Off Well.

Today didn't start off well when I woke up this morning.
Today didn't start off well this morning because my stomach hurt.
Today still isn't going great because my stomach still hurts.
Today didn't start off well this morning because I didn't have a shower.
Today didn't start...

Oh sorry, what was that? Why didn't I have a shower? Does that really matter? Can I get back to the poem please?

Today didn't start...

Basically, I didn't have a shower this morning because I had a 15 minute long poo and I didn't have enough time. I think it was because of my stomach hurting that I mentioned at the start of my poem. I was going to get to that.

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  1. don't leave your blog now!
    you should post the terps poem you sent to james yesterday ^__^